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El Planteo

Mature information for a green world

El Planteo is a media outlet focused on green and young issues such as cannabis, hemp, psychedelics, music, ecology, cryptocurrencies, gender and sexuality issues, and more. Our content has frequent economic or financial angles.

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El Planteo is funded by Benzinga, a dynamic and innovative Detroit-based financial media outlet that provides investors with unique, high-quality content coveted by top Wall Street traders.


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We also offer SEO and network management services for cannabis, psychedelics and other regulated industries.

The odyssey of El Planteo in numbers (August, 2023).

The Team

Javier Hasse: co-fundador y CEO.
Marian Venini: directora editorial.
Lola Sasturain: escritora de largo formato.
Nicolás José Rodríguez: Analista senior.
Ana Katerina Pohorecky: Host.
Lucía Tedesco: Redactora.
Valentina Lipani: Redes.
Santiago Pablo Alonso: Redes y Producción.
Natalia Kesselman: co-fundadora y editora ejecutiva.
Hernán Panessi: editor ejecutivo.
Cristian Baral: Productor.
Ulises Román Rodríguez: Productor.
Melissa D’Huicque: Jefa de Business Development.
Sofía Fernández Bitner: Traductora.
Francisco Beazley: Director de Finanzas y RRHH.
Carolina Failde: Jefa de Redes.

Our contributors:

  • Adrian Royffer
  • Allie Lazar
  • Andrew DeAngelo
  • Andrew Ward
  • Cata Wakstein
  • David Carpenter
  • Dra. Maria Fernanda Arboleda
  • Fermin Orgambide
  • Franca Quarneti
  • Jelena Martinovic
  • Joana Scopel
  • José Rodrigo Safdiye
  • Juan Ruocco
  • Lara Goldstein
  • Lean Falcon
  • Maureen Meehan
  • Nina Zdinjak
  • Sara Brittany Somerset
  • Silvia Muñoz
  • Vuk Zdinjak
  • Wayne Duggan

Our content partners:

  • Benzinga
  • Cision / PR Newswire
  • Entrepreneur Media y Green Entrepreneur
  • DoubleBlind Magazine
  • Confident Cannabis
  • Magical Butter
  • Goldleaf
  • Forbes Vices
  • Flowertown
  • Green Market Report
  • Aunt Zelda’s
  • The Medical Cannabis Community
  • Weedmaps
  • Prohibition Partners
  • DolarHoy.com
  • Leafly
  • Cannabis.net
  • Weederia
  • Folha de Sao Paulo
  • Reset
  • The Cannigma
  • Hoban Law Group
  • Cannabis & Tech Today
  • High Times
  • Investing.com
  • The Bluntness
  • Reality Sandwich
  • The Green Fund
  • Cosecha Libre
  • En Volá
  • WeedWeek
  • Industria Cannabis
  • Microdose Psychedelic Insights
  • NisonCo
  • MSN/Microsoft News
  • Cannábica Argentina
  • SOHH.com
  • HoneySuckle Magazine
  • Urban Roosters
  • Viridian Capital Advisors

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